MEDIA Production Guarantee Fund : Results (2010-2013)

From December 2010 until 31 December 2013, the IFCIC has managed the Media Production Guarantee Fund (MPGF), financed by the MEDIA Programme of the European Union, with the support of the CNC.

The Fund's activity has ended on 31 December 2013, in accordance with the terms of the Delegation agreement signed between the European Union and the IFCIC.

Presentation of the MPGF

The MPGF is a fund having benefitted from a €4m endowment from the European Union and backed by the CNC (Centre National du Cinéma et de l'image animée). Its management was entrusted to the IFCIC at the end of 2010. Its objective was to facilitate credit access for independent European producers by offering to share the risk with banks that finance the cashflow of their productions. In reducing by more than half the risk carried by the banks, the IFCIC's MPGF has encouraged the banks' activity in the credit sector of European film production.

Results of the MPGF

The MPGF has met with a great success all along its three-year existence.

It has guaranteed close to 77 million euros in bank loans. The amount of guarantee commitments issued total more than 33 million euros, representing more than 90% of the total guaranteeing capacity of the Fund.

The guaranteed loans have benefitted 47 independent production companies in 8 EU countries (Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, Luxemburg, Spain, Italy, Ireland and France).

These loans have also contributed to the financing of 34 European feature films whith budgets ranging from less than €1m to more than €15m.

Few examples of films supported by the MPGF :

  • The Congress by Ari Folman (Pandora Film)
  • A most wanted man by Anton Corbijn (A most wanted man Ltd / Amusement Park Films)
  • Little Chaos by Alan Rickman (Little Chaos Ltd)
  • Everything will be fine by Wim Wenders (Neue Road Movies Dritte)
  • Amour fou by Jessica Hausner (Essential Filmproduktion)
  • Song of the sea by Tomm Moore (The Cartoon saloon Ltd / The big farm / Superprod)
  • Regression by Alejandro Amenabar (MOD Entertainment)
  • Il sud é niente by Fabio Mollo (B24 Film / Madakai)
  • Dead man talking by Patrick Ridremont (Nexus Factory / Bidibul Productions)
  • Tango libre by Frédéric Fonteyne (Artemis Productions / Samsa Film / Liaison cinématographique)

List of MPGF's guarantees

Press release of 04/02/2014

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Florence Avilés : Deputy director
Florence Coudeyre : Analyst
Valentine Cottinet : Analyst


The presentation pages of the MEDIA Production Guarantee Fund have been produced by the IFCIC with the financial contribution of the European Union. The views expressed herein can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Union.

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